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Have you searched for other thermal ribbon manufacturers and haven’t found one you can trust? Search no more with Bala Trading. With products made right here in Australia, you can be guaranteed a beautiful product. As if that wasn’t enough, Bala Trading’s same-day shipping is the cherry on top to ensure you get the service you deserve.

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A Message from Bala Trading: Thermal Ribbon Manufacturers Who Care

Bala Trading not only wants to sell you the best product, but we also want to empower you to know everything there is to know before you buy! The more you know, the better you can provide for your customers. Here are two things that are handy to know before making your order:

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An Overview of Thermal Transfer Technology

Thermal Transfer Technology is a printing process specifically used in label making wherein special thermal printers will release images using thermal ribbons. Without these ribbons, thermal transfer would simply not be possible. That’s why it is so important that your customer chooses the right one!

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What is Thermal Ribbon Made From?

Thermal Ribbon consists of a wax carbon that is then released onto a blank label when heat from the printhead is applied. The result is clean, crisp labels that wow customers. It is one of the most sought-after printing methods in the industry.

Contact Bala Trading to help you make your first order and set you and your customers up with a winning product.

How Do I Know Which Thermal Ribbon is For Me?

As expert thermal ribbon manufacturers and suppliers, we know a fair bit about choosing the right one for you and your customers. Businesses will need a wide variety of ribbons for a wide variety of purposes. It all depends on the label stock type and the purpose of the label. For example, the type of ribbon used for transporting goods over long distances will differ to ribbons needed for barcodes or product labels.

We have a variety of ribbon types available, from standard eco wax, premium wax, wax resin and full resin ribbons. Each ribbon type will suit different label material.

Eco wax and premium wax ribbons are suitable for plain paper labels. Wax resin ribbons will work best on glossy finish labels or labels that need to last a significant period of time. Full resin ribbons need to be used on synthetic label stock.

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What are the Benefits of Thermal Ribbons?

Thermal ribbons give your customers some of the best prints around, boasting consistency in both quality and clarity. They can outlast many other types of ribbons, saving businesses money and providing satisfaction for longer.

In addition to the quality your customers receive, they can also cut costs by using thermal ribbons. Although the initial cost is higher, the long-term gain in speed, efficiency, easy maintenance, and diversity makes this a cost effective option.

What Sets Bala Trading Apart from Other Thermal Ribbon Manufacturers?

Our range of thermal ribbons is second to none, suiting printers of all types including Zebra, Epson, Cognitive, Datamax, Brother, Toshiba, Citizen and MORE!

All of our ribbons are made here in Australia out of the most durable materials, offering your customer the greatest resistance to marks and scratches.

And if the functional capacity wasn’t enough, we make ribbons in several colours and sizes, even customising a design should your client require it. Put your business first by contacting Bala Trading today, the best and only choice for Australian thermal ribbon wholesalers.

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