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Bala Trading – The Sheet Label Manufacturer Australia has been waiting for!

Looking for sheet label manufacturers in Australia? Look no further! Whether it’s address labels, shipping labels, price labels, or product labels, Australian businesses are in need of high-quality labels at a price they can afford. Made right here in Australia with the most durable materials available, Bala Trading’s labels are second-to-none.

An Entire Suite of Options to Suit Any Customer

We supply an entire suite of blank label sheets for home and office use, which range in stock type, colour, and adhesive type. This ensures that the right product for the right business is always ready to go when you need it.

You can check out our complete range here or read on to find out more. Re-sellers can print off this brochure and add their company details so they can send to their customers as a marketing brochure

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Our Durable Synthetic Range

Synthetic labels can tough the Australian weather conditions, regardless of the region. Conveniently supplied in sheets, you can use synthetic labels to tag products in-store or send freight across the world; these labels will be with you for the whole ride.

Clear labels are also available in this range, allowing your customers to have a “no-label” look if they so desire.

Keep Surfaces Safe with the Removable Range

If your clients have precious items that they need to label without leaving marks, then the removable range is the one to order. Our removable labels keep vulnerable surfaces such as wood, leather, and silk safe and mark-free. Strong sticking but easy to peel off, these labels are best sellers.

Our Versatile Cross Industry Range

At Bala Trading, we are different. We do the jobs the others don’t. That’s why we carry cross-industry commercial and industrial labels that are perfect for any business, big or small, as part of our range. Available now are A4 label sheets and A4 label stickers that are ready to be used in a variety of printers including laser, photocopier, and inkjet varieties.

Manufactured to personalised perfection, these top-of-the-line labels stick for a lifetime, every time. With a variety of adhesives to choose from, your customers can have full control of how they use this product.

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Funky Meets Functional with our Fluorescent Range

One of our most popular products for warehouse use is our fluorescent range. Drawing attention to various boxes and locations in the warehouse with eye-catching labels is a must for any well-functioning and safety-conscious business.

Having a variety of options to suit every client, including those with warehouse label needs is essential. That is why we created our fluorescent range of labels! Now, warehouses all over Australia can streamline their dispatch process, as well as highlight down the supply chain, specific boxes which may contain damaged or dangerous items.

Need Quality Australian Made Sticky Labels

MS Word Label Format Instructions

Need help configuring Microsoft Word for your specific label format? Download you required Label Sheet below

Laser / Copier Labels Compatibility

compatibility A4 label printer

Download MS Word Label Format

A4 / 1C

A4 / 2C

label sheets supplier

A4 / 2LV

label sheets supplier

A4 / 2CN

A4 / 3C

A4 / 4C

A4 / 8C

A4 10C labels

A4 / 10C

A4 10V label

A4 / 10V

A4 12H labels

A4 / 12H

integrated labels A4 12V

A4 / 12V

A4 / 14C

A4 14H label

A4 / 14H

A4 / 16C

A4 / 24C

A4 24CDL sheets

A4 / 24CDL

A4 / 30C

A4 / 30H

A4 / 33C

label sheets A4 33CDL

A4 / 33CDL

integrated labels A4 CD

A4 / 33CD

35C A4 labels

A4 / 35C

label sheets A4 33CDL

A4 / 65C

A4 Sheets 90C

A4 / 90C

35C A4 labels

A4 / 132C

Software Compatible Laser Labels

softeare compatible laser labels

Download MS Word Label Format

LA4 / 1L


LA4 / 6L


LA4 / 8L

LA4 / 10L


LA4 / 12L


LA4 / 14L

LA4 / 16L


LA4 / 18L


LA4 / 21L

LA4 / 24L


LA4 / 30L


LA4 / 65L

Sheet Labels Made Simple

With Bala Trading, quality doesn’t have to be complicated. Our state-of-the-art quality assurance process means you are guaranteed quality and accuracy with every order. But it’s not simply consistent quality you’ll receive; same-day dispatch and outstanding service means you can get your product sooner as well!

Ensure you are receiving the quality products you deserve from the sheet label manufacturers Australia loves.

Contact us today to make your order!

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