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As one of Australia’s leading thermal label suppliers, we get asked this question a lot: what are thermal labels and why should a business sell them?

In short, thermal labels create an image such as a barcode using heat. There are a couple of different methods for thermal label making – thermal transfer and direct thermal imaging. The transfer method involves using a thermal ribbon that is printed on the surface when the printhead heats it up. Alternatively, direct thermal imaging involves using the heat from the printhead to mix components on the surface, turning them black.

Bala Trading is the Highest Quality Thermal Label Supplier Around

Most people think that a label is just a label but as an expert thermal label manufacturer, we know that exactly the opposite is true. Choosing the right label for your needs can save you money and lift your products from normal to amazing! There are hundreds of different materials to choose from when it comes to thermal labels, each with its own individual qualities.

Bala Trading is a step ahead of the competition and offer a wide range of labels to suit all your needs. We can immediately dispatch across Australia so whether you’re in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, you can get the best product in the shortest time possible.

Contact Bala Trading today to join hundreds of other stationery shops, software companies and payroll agencies nationwide.

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Forget sub-standard products and order from Bala Trading

Too many on-sellers come to us complaining of other thermal label wholesalers whose labels were unscannable. Inferior products sap time and money from your business and are a good reminder that saving on cost whilst sacrificing quality isn’t the best option.

This is why your choice of thermal label supplier is integral to the growth of your business. At Bala Trading, you’re guaranteed the range of options to make sure you never experience a supplier problem again.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Thermal Label

Having the right printing supplies can not only save you money but can preserve your equipment for longer too. The right supplies will prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your printer, allowing it to work harder for longer. Before you choose though, you should first ascertain whether your customer will use direct thermal or thermal transfer technology.

In addition, there are two different kinds of thermal facestocks – synthetic and paper. Choosing the right type and qualities will push you further toward knowing which label is right for you and your customer.

Bala Trading’s extensive range of thermal labels is made to suit a variety of printers including Zebra, Epson, Cognitive, Datamax, Brother, Citizen, and more.

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If you’re unsure or have any questions, please get in touch with our expert team to ensure you’re receiving the best product from the best thermal label supplier in Australia.

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